Field Services

Field Services

The equipment and/or systems have been made available for shipment to the project site while the engineering work is underway. A final revision to the equipment is made upon completion and approval of the engineering drawings.

The shipment or delivery of the equipment is carefully scheduled with the project management personnel so as to arrive at the site in a timely manner. Whenever possible, the equipment is loaded onto flat shipping trailers and may be off loaded by crane or forklift with the assistance of the contractor. This ensures quickest time and lowest labor costs related to this work.

SSI will send a sales rep., or SSI’s Lead Erector, after the delivery of the equipment has been made. This individual will review the engineered drawings and answer all questions that may arise. We will also instruct the field personnel (if necessary) on how to erect and reuse the equipment in the most effective manner. We also identify each piece of equipment so that there is no lost momentum in determining what each item is and what it is for. Intermittent visits to the project site will take place throughout the progress of the construction as necessary.

Our sales rep, or Lead Erector, will also discuss the various Safety Rules that have been published pertaining to the safe use and handling of the equipment, so that every measure of precaution is taken. This will greatly add to the overall success of this work.

Delivery and Pick-Up Policy


  • Driver’s responsibility ends at tailgate
  • Customer must provide representative at tailgate to take equipment from the tailgate and sign contract documents
  • Once contract documents are signed, customer is responsible for any lost or damaged items


  • Tailgate pick up only
  • Drivers do not schedule pick-ups. Please contact Strickland Supplies to schedule all pick-ups
  • Equipment must be stacked outside and separated as per delivery, for ease of loading
  • Customer must provide representative to assist with loading and sign equipment-return documents

All counts are subject to a final yard count